Megjelent fordításaim

Sleeve notes for BMC records (translation 2004-present)
Villata, Edoardo: Some Notes on Leonardo da Vinci as a Sculptor. In: Leonardo da Vinci & the Budapest Horse and Rider, (Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest, 2018)
Bernardoni, Andrea: The Budapest Horse and Rider in the Light of Leonardo da Vinci’s Studies on Casting. In: Leonardo da Vinci & the Budapest Horse and Rider, (Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest, 2018)
Zombory Máté: Moral Universalism in the East: Holocaust and memory in Zoltán Fábri’s film Late Season (1967), (forthcoming)
Mautner, Zsófi: Budapest Bites, (Libri, Budapest, 2015)
Zombory, Máté: Maps of Remembrance. (L’Harmattan, Budapest, 2011).
Eckhardt, Mária: Franz Liszt’s oratorio Christus and the Budapest Academy of Music. (Helikon Kiadó, Budapest, 2011). (translation)
Csupor, István: Ceramic Folk Art of the Great Plain (Novella Kiadó, Budapest, 2010). (translation)
Bodor, Kata: A Hungarian View of the Vienna Secession (1897-1905). In: Nuda Veritas. Gustav Klimt and the Origins of the Vienna Secession. 1895-1905. Exhibition catalogue. (Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest, 2010). (translation)
Gál, Vilmos: Hungary at the World Fairs 1851-2010. (Holnap Kiadó, 2010) (translation)
Botticelli to Titian. Exhibition catalogue. Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest, 2009. (language revision and proofreading).
Sleeve notes for the New Bartók Series for Hungaroton (translation 2007-2009)
Interview with János Kass, published in József Gál’s bibliography for the oeuvre of János Kass (Mozaik, 2008)
Thoughts on the Illustration of Books. János Kass. Published in: Szintézis, album of works by artist János Kass, (Mozaik, 2008)
Hungaricum – quarterly magazine for and about Hungarians outside Hungary (Alexandra, 2007, 2008) (translation)
Film screenplays, synopses, director’s concepts for Benedek Flieghauf (in collaboration with Liz Szász), and Bálint Kenyeres (translation) including the short The History of Aviation
Europoetica: International Poetry Festival. Conference programme (2007) (translation)
The Book of Vladimir Péter (Terc Kft, 2007) (translation)
Picturesque Ferencváros (Ráday Könyvesház, 2006) (language revision)
Solymosi, Emőke: ‘Cooperation between music and arts teachers of the Visegrád countries – Innovative pedagogical methods based on Zoltán Kodály’s concept’ Conference paper for International Society for Music Education Conference, 2006. (translation)
MTV restructuring plan, 2006 (translation)
Partnership Contracts for Loyalty Expert Development (2006) (translation, from French)
Psalmus Humanus Foundation, promotional film (2006) (translation, voice-over)
Conference Proceedings ‘The Holocaust in Hungary. 60 Years later: A European Perspective’ (Holocaust Memorial Center, 2004) (translation)